Manufacturing: 34,000 sq. ft.
Office: 1,500 sq. ft.
Warehouse: 3,500 sq. ft.

Cutting and Shearing:
Amada 8 ft. Shear with Programmable Back Gauge
Wysong 4 ft. Shear
Scotchman Circular Cut-Off Saw
DOALL Model ML Vertical Band Saw
DOALL 400A Metal Cutting Band Saw

Punch and Bend:
Amada EM2510NT CNC Turret Punch Press
Amada Apelio III 2510 CNC Laser/Turret Punch Press
Amada Pega 357 CNC Turret Punch Press
Amada Vipros 358 King Turret Punch Press
Whitney Jensen 20-Ton Punch Press
Perkins Machine Company 35-Ton Punch Press
Rouselle 2G 15-Ton Punch Press
Amada RG-100 10 ft. Brake with 3-Axis Programmable Back Gauge
(2)Amada RG-80 8 ft. Brake with 2-Axis Programmable Back Gauge
Amada RG-80 8 ft. Brake with 3-Axis Programmable Back Guage
Amada RG-25 4 ft. Brake with 2-Axis Programmable Back Gauge
Amada RG-35 4 ft. Brake with 3-Axis Programmable Back Gauge
Tennsmith Hand Roller with 2 in. Rollers
Pacific Press Former II Punch Press

Drilling and Machining:
Haas DT-1 CNC Lathe
Knuth Rapid Mill 700
Daewoo DMV 3016L Machining Center
Buffalo Drill Press
Delta 4-Head Drilling Center
Clausing Kondia CNC Milling Machine
Boyar-Schultz Surface Grinder
South Bend Lathe

Welding/Spot Welding:
Miller Heli-Arc 330 Amp Welder
Miller Heli-Arc 250 Amp Welder
(2) Miller Mig 250 Amp Welder
Ames 35 KVA Spot Welder
Lors 200 KVA Spot Welder
Lors 50 KVA Spot Welder
Stud Welder

TimeSaver 36 in. Belt Sander-Wet
(2) TimeSaver 36 in. Belt Sander-Dry
G & P Machines Stroke Sander
Milwaukee Orbital Sander
Rockford Orbital Sander
Metabo 5 in. Grinder
Deburring Tumbler
Deburring Vibratory
Imperial 6 in. Bench Grinder
Trinco Sandblaster

Pemserter Series 4 6-Ton Pneumatic Press
Chicago Pneumatic Press
Haeger 6-Ton Press
(3) Haeger 8-Ton Press with Autofeed

Starret 0-1 in., 1-2 in., 2-3 in. Micrometers
Starret S154L Parallels
Mitutoyo Radius Gage Set 186-901
Mitutoyo 6 and 9 in. Vernier
Helios 11 in. Vernier
Estalon 7 and 23 in. Vernier
CSE 23 in. Height Gauge
Granite Surface Plate 24 X 26 in.
Mitutoyo Absolute Digimatic 24 in. Vernier
Setra super count-high resolution counting scale
Mitutoyo Gage Block Set
Mitutoyo 570-313 HDS Digimatic Height Gage 18" X .0005"/.01mm


Electric Turret

Laser Turret

Punching Turret

AMADA Brake      Wet Dry Time

100 Ton Press     Machining Center

Jet Precision Metal, Inc. • 7 Schoon Avenue • Hawthorne • New Jersey • 07506 • Phone: 973.423.4350 • Fax: 973.423.1570